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Submit a deck for your startup in a minute (Pre-Seed to Growth). We prefer early-stage. We invest in most countries.


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Every 2 weeks, our funds’ analysts thoroughly look through decks to surface the most interesting ones to us.


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If an investor is interested, they’ll email you directly. We don’t invest as a group; we each have our own funds.


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Scalable Infrastructure

Automated Workflows

Intelligent Collaboration

Autonomous Systems

The Investors

Chase Overlie

VC, NVIDIA (NVentures)

Iris Sun


James Wu

VC, M12 (Microsoft)

Ali Schleider

VC, Greycroft

John Lin

VC, F Prime Capital

Wayne Hu

VC, SignalFire

Avi Bharadwaj

VC, Intel Capital

Sidney Scott

VC, PowerPlay Capital

Patrick Hsu

VC, Battery Ventures

William O’Donnell

Prologis Ventures

Dawit Heck

VC, Bain Capital Ventures

Andrea Wang

VC, General Catalyst

Ryan Shannon

VC, Radical Ventures

Suraj Patel

VC, MongoDB Ventures

Milad Alucozai

VC, Box One Ventures

Sebastian Zhou

VC, Alpha Square Group

James Wu

VC, First Round Capital

Zak Kokosa

VC, Salesforce Ventures

Sean Simpson

VC, Yamaha Motor Ventures

Karthik Ramakrishnan


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of analysts assesses incoming presentations and subsequently curates a selection of their preferred ones for the respective investors they believe would align well with each opportunity. Regularly, investors peruse a spreadsheet containing this information to identify startups that pique their interest. They base their evaluation on criteria such as the startup’s website, description, deck links, and more. Should an investor find a particular startup appealing, they will personally establish contact with its founders. It’s worth noting that our investment process is not a collaborative effort; each investor operates through an individual fund. If you do not receive communication from us, it implies that no individual investors expressed interest in your proposal. Regrettably, we do not offer feedback on submissions; our primary function is to connect potential deals with the appropriate investors.

No formal program exists, and there are no additional tasks required beyond the submission of your deck or memo. This website serves as a straightforward method to gain priority access to the email inboxes of multiple investors.

Together, the investors span across a wide range of geographic locations and industries. Our interests are diverse, with a strong emphasis on AI/ML, Data, Infrastructure, and Deep Tech. We engage with startups at various stages, from pre-seed to growth, and tend to prioritize those with lower valuations. In practice, our portfolio predominantly comprises U.S. startups, which may result in comparatively fewer responses for non-U.S. companies.

Indeed, we consistently extend the opportunity for esteemed venture capitalists to apply for access to ongoing investment opportunities or even a short-term guest VC position. Nevertheless, we’re presently maintaining a limited size for our investor network. This deliberate approach ensures that the experience remains closely-knit and personalized for founders.

Around 20 investors of the highest caliber and their fund personnel are included. Additionally, during the evaluation of new venture capitalists for possible integration into the group, we introduce up to 4 new VCs in each deal review.

NVIDIA (NVentures), Battery Ventures, MongoDB Ventures, M12, F Prime Capital, First Round Capital, Greycroft, SignalFire, General Catalyst, Alpha Square Group, Samsung, Salesforce Ventures, Prologis Ventures, Intel Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Radical Ventures, IVP, and many more.

Biweekly, our team of analysts diligently examines presentation decks to identify the most captivating ones for presentation to the investor network. Should an investor express interest, they will reach out to you directly via email.